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A subtle but important touch, eyes can make a whole difference. The fresh color can pleasantly change the look of your doll.

q_mark To help you choose the basic maintenance equipment (care tools, repair kits, lubricant) for the Sexy Doll, read the detailed information in this article: How best to take care of your Sex Doll?


What you may focus on when choosing Accessories?

When choosing spare parts for Sex Dolls, make sure you select spare parts of the same brand. Otherwise they may not be compatible. Combining different brands is possible only in very rare cases.

When choosing spare components, you may choose the material of the component to be either TPE or SILICONE material. In general, silicone parts look more realistic. This information about specific components is always given in the spare part description.



For each configurable product, it is possible to choose its components (e.g. Head for a Real Doll). In this configuration, choose a head that you like and then add the product to the cart.

If you have a configurable product open, just click on Customize your Sex Doll (also applies to eyes, wigs, heads):


Or go below to the CONFIGURATIONS tab, where you will find all the options:
confi female sex dolls head


Manual: How to shop with us

Important information on how shopping works from start to finish you will find here: How to shop with us

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