Warranty & Complaints


1. Defect rights

1.1 Defect rights and appeals may be exercised by the Consumer at the LolitaDoll service provider operated by EroPol Joy s.r.o.

For this purpose, you can use the following contacts:

EroPol Joy s.r.o., Kurzova 2222/16, Stodůlky, 155 00 Praha 5

e-mail:             info@lolitadoll.eu

1.2 In case of a personal claim concerning a defect (LolitaDoll), the consumer will receive a written confirmation by LolitaDoll, which will include the date of the Consumer's claim, content of the claim and preferred method of handling the claim; further confirmation of the date and method of receiving the complaint, including confirmation of the repair and its duration, or a written justification for rejecting the complaint. Complaints, including the settlement of the defect, will be settled within 30 days from the date of the complaint unless otherwise agreed on with the Consumer. If handling of the consumer's claim is inadequately delayed above the time limit of 30 days even if the consumer's claim is justified, it is considered a breach of the contract by the supplier and the consumer has a right to withdraw.

1.3 In case the complaint is sent via e-mail or a letter with the specified e-mail address, a confirmation of the complaint with the requisites specified in the previous paragraph will be sent to the Consumer via e-mail.

1.4 If the complaint is justified, the Consumer has the right to have the costs associated with the application of the defect reimbursed by the supplier (e.g. shipping the damaged goods to the supplier).


2. Warranty

2.1 The Supplier provides a quality guarantee in addition to the liability for defective performance, i.e. it is liable for defects that the goods may manifest after their delivery during the warranty period (hereinafter referred to as the "Guarantee od Quality").

2.2 The warranty period is 24 months, unless a different quality warranty period is agreed to or provided unilaterally (for example, on the delivery note, tax document, etc.) or unless the warranty is denied.

2.3 In case the goods, its packaging, the instructions or other documentation for the goods indicate a life span or expiry date of the product that the product reaches before the warranty period of 24 months, the warranty period effectively applies that date as the end of its warranty period instead of reaching the full 24 months.

2.4 The quality guarantee begins on the day of receipt of the goods. The warranty covers material defects, functional defects or defects that occur during the transport of goods.


3. Warranty Exclusions

3.1 The warranty does not apply to the sale of used or damaged goods (items) unless the warranty is otherwise specified or provided unilaterally (e.g. sheet, tax document, etc.), including the specific warranty period for these goods.

3.2 The warranty does not apply to defects if the damage to the goods was caused by the Customer event, if this event occurs after bearing the risk of the damage done to goods has been transferred onto the customer (i.e. after taking over the goods). The warranty does not apply to delivery defects caused by: fault of the Customer, delivery procedure handled in disagreement with the manufacturer's or Supplier's instructions, further use of damaged or otherwise incompletely delivered goods (including type-identical delivery with other product or serial numbers), failure to perform correct use or regular routine and maintenance according to the manufacturer's instructions (in any form, especially those found in the user manual), incorrect installation of the software by the Consumer, improper storage, software viruses, use of accessories or supplier not in agreement with the original specification, and modifications and changes in the delivered goods by a person different than the authorized service (with the exception where the customer can prove that such modifications and changes did not cause the defect). The supplier is not liable for damage caused by a third party, atmospheric discharge in the electrical network, electrostatic discharge, connection to the electrical network not in accordance with the locally specified technical norms, and exposure to harmful chemicals. Furthermore, the warranty does not apply to damage caused by natural disasters, weather conditions or use under unusual environmental conditions (excessive dust, humidity, etc.), damage caused by violent use or by an excessive use of force. The warranty also does not apply to damage caused by excessive mechanical wear or excessive abrasion.

3.3 Furthermore, the warranty does not apply to goods (items) or their parts that can be used up or consumed (e.g. lubricating gels, batteries), if their defect or reduced functionality was caused by use and consumption of those goods (items).

3.4 The warranty does not apply to cases of malfunction of the delivered software caused by modification or intervention of the Customer or a third party with the settings of the installed software. The supplier is not responsible for the compatibility of the delivered goods with other devices and software applications.


4. Consumables

4.1 If the contents of the delivered goods or a part of the goods or components can be used up or consumed (e.g. lubricating gels, batteries), its expiry date or service life is stated on the product, its packaging, instructions, or on the warranty card. In case there is no expiry date or service life mentioned about these consumables, the expiry date is assumed 6 months for warranty purposes.

4.2 Neither the liability for defective performance nor the quality guarantee applies to damage of wear and tear caused by normal use of the goods (items) and cannot be mistaken for the service life or expiry date of the goods (items). The right to claim defects within the statutory or granted warranty period is not affected, but it is necessary to consider the above-mentioned clarification that the right of defective performance and / or warranty does not apply to wear and tear caused by normal use of the item. Used goods and goods that have been worn down may result in defects of regular wear and tear. However, a product that has been worn down by regular wear and tear may still apply for warranty if the performance or quality defect has in fact been caused by the production or the supplier.


5. Delivery control

5.1 Upon receipt of the delivery, the Customer is obliged to check the delivery immediately according to their packing list, bill of lading, invoice or other official document. In case of obvious defects, including discrepancies in quantity, measure or weight or damage to the packaging, the Customer is obliged to apply them immediately, especially to list them immediately upon delivery in written form on the documents and have them confirmed by the person who delivers the goods (the carrier) to the customer. It is the duty of the Customer to immediately inform the Supplier of any defects. It is then the duty of the supplier to provide necessary cooperation. If the Customer takes over the goods that are obviously damaged, or incomplete, or otherwise obviously defective, and confirms the proper delivery with his signature, it is not possible to file a complaint after. If the Customer confirms receipt of the goods without reservations, it is considered that the goods were taken over without obvious defects.

5.2 If the defect becomes apparent later, after the delivery is handed over, the Customer is obliged to notify the Supplier about the defects without any delay, after the Customer has been able to detect the defect with timely inspection and sufficient care.

5.3 The customer must describe the defect in detail in the warranty defect notification. If the complaint made by the Customer proves to be unfounded, the customer must reimburse the supplier for all costs associated with the complaint procedure, including transport costs, etc.

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