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Amy tanned (163 cm) - SEX DOLL, REALISTIC DOLL
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Cecilia (163 cm) - SEX DOLL, REALISTIC DOLL
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May tanned (163 cm) - SEX DOLL, REALISTIC DOLL
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885 miki 163 cm sex doll realistic doll
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1 MG 9097
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Natalia (163 cm) - SEX DOLL, REALISTIC DOLL
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Welcome! We know that finding the right sexual partner may be difficult, which is why we want to give everyone a chance to experience their fantasies with a realistic Special Sex Dolls. Your unique sexual kinks may become reality no matter what your secret desires are.   

You can enjoy a wide variety of original realistic Sex Dolls made of high-quality materials from certified and trusted world manufacturers. You can find your perfect sex doll that will satisfy your sexual fantasy by browsing through our range of categories.


Special Dolls 

If you'd like to experience your intimate moments to the fullest and let your fantasy run wild, you may be interested in our collection of Special Dolls, may you wonder what it would be like to have sex with a fantasy character, a pregnant woman or a trans (futanari).

arrow-right Transsexual - Sex Dolls: The wonders of a sexy female body with a manly dick no longer have to be just an imagination. TRANS Sex Doll are capable of giving you a true futanari experience.

arrow-right Models - Sex Dolls: On your screens, and now also in your bed.

arrow-right Pregnant - Sex Dolls: For those of you who want someone to call mommy in their real natural form, we have something for you as well.

arrow-right Anime / Fantasy - Sex Doll: Whether you are a fan of Anime or video games, or simply enjoy the aesthetics, you will find yours here.

What else do we have special for you? Take a look at our main categories, where you will find other categories like: ASIAN, BLACK and ROBOTIC AI.


What you may focus on when choosing a Sex Doll?

  • Appearance (Look)
    We know that it is very important to have a Sex Doll that you like visually. With us, you can always select what breast size you prefer, which skin color you like, what eye color makes you tick, and of course, other face and other appearance-based properties.

  • Material
    The two materials you can choose from are TPE, Silicone, or their combination (TPE + Silicone). Detailed information is in the article Which material to choose, TPE or SILICONE?

  • Height and Weight
    You can filter Realistic Sex Dolls by their height or weight based on your preferences. The weight varies from product to product. In general, Sex Dolls are a little lighter than a real person to allow better handling and manipulation.



For each configurable product, it is possible to change the Real Doll visually as well as functionally. The Sex Doll can be adjusted in many qualities, from the face to the color of the nails.

EXTRA functions and Accessories is a special configuration that you will find at the bottom of your option list. In addition to the extra features, there are various accessories that you may find useful. It is possible to tick more than one option in this part of the configuration.

If you have an open configurable product, just click on Customize your Sex Doll:


Or go below to the CONFIGURATIONS tab, where you will find all the options:
confi female sex dolls


Design according to your own photo

For those of you who have a very specific requirement for the Sex Doll's appearance, we have an absolutely discreet VIP offer for you, where you can order a Sex Doll based on a photograph. There is no shame in asking for what you truly want, especially when it is done calmly, anonymously and professionally. Bring your imagination to life! More information in the article Do you like someone you can't?

You can find an example of a unique sex doll from certified manufacturers, especially WM Doll, Irontech Doll and Jarilet Doll in a link below:



You will find a wide range of accessories for the Sex Doll with us. We offer Repair kits, Care tools, Spare eyes, Spare heads, Spare wigs, Lubricating gels, Erection delay and much more.


Manual: How to shop with us

Important information on how shopping works from start to finish you will find here: How to shop with us

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