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Robotic Spare Head is a great way to change the style and looks of your Robotic Sex Doll completely and you can choose one with or without AI. If you like your Sex Doll but would love to see some variety without paying full amount for a new product, you can change just a part of it and alter looks of your Sex Doll.

Spare head by AI Tech Doll allows you to get a taste of different hair, eyes, face and skin tone, which makes a real change in looks. This option comes for both TPE, Silicone and combined TPE+Silicone bodies of any of your FEMALE MINI Sex Dolls, but specific compatibility should be consulted before purchase.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

If you prefer variety in your sex life and MINI/FEMALE/MALE fantasy, changing the robotic head along with all its details and features for a different one can be the perfect choice to alter your Sex Doll. AI Tech Doll heads offer you a great range of faces of different cultures and races with different features including hair, eye color and face details. This choice also comes compatible with spare wigs or spare eyes. The only important property of the spare head you have to keep in mind is the skin color and tone to avoid unrealistic transition between the body and the head.

Spare heads come compatible with TPE, Silicone and combined TPE+Silicone variants. Which bodies can be connected to which heads is defined by the manufacturer in the description. If you are unsure about compatibility, feel free to contact our staff and we will gladly help you out.



Robotic Head Functions

Robotic heads can be put into these two categories based on their functions:

  • Basic AI - Real Robotic Sex Dolls without AI includes:
    • Robot Eyes: The Eyes can look around and blink for a lifelike presence. Flirting is now a real thing. 

    • Robot Mouth: Mouth of a doll has installed mechanisms to match her moans with lip movement. Or talk, if you ever let her take a breath.

    • Robot Neck: Utilizing a mechanical articulated neck, the doll's head can turn left and right. The neck comes with a modular adaptor making it compatible with many different bodies.

    • Robot Mimic facial expression: Robot sex doll can reward you with sexual expressions while you touch her.

  • Speaking AI - Real Robotic Sex Dolls with AI, it includes all the above features plus:

    • Speech system (EN): Our dolls use AI to understand your words and reply with an appropriate answer. She can even tell jokes. This system is integrated so you don't need any other tech for this function. When your doll with AI configuration arrives, just talk to her directly as if you were talking to a real person. She will learn and grow with you, as her so the more you talk to her the more fun she will be to be around.


Instructions for changing your Sex Doll Head:

1. Grab the head of your Sex Doll firmly and slowly start pulling it upwards, away from the body. Keep pulling until you feel the head giving in and detaching from the body.

2. Store the detached head at a dry and dark place to avoid depreciation.

3. Place the spare AI Tech Doll Silicone/TPE head at the doll's neck and slowly start pushing it into its proper place until it fits there completely. 

4. Enjoy the new look of your Sex Doll!


Important: Some Sex Dolls have their heads connected to their bodies with a screw mechanism. In this case, detaching and attaching of the head is done simply by unscrewing or screwing the Sex Doll head.


Video demonstration of changing the head of a Sex Doll:



Comparison of Sex Doll before and after changing the head:



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Category: Spare heads - for sex dolls
Warranty: 2 years

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