Safes and locks - for sex dolls

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Storage for Sex Dolls can be tricky because accidental discoveries by visitors or family can cause embarrassing moments. Storing your Sex Doll safely under a lock is an intuitive and smart solution and should be one of the things you keep in mind when making your purchase.

You do not want your Sex Dolls lying around where they can be found. Having a safe place out of reach in your house is a good solution, but if you do not have such a place or find it inconvenient to hide it each time someone comes unannounced, you can try some of our Lock Safe solutions.

You can choose from our two popular options which are:

- Lock Safe packaging case

- Sofa Lock Safe

These will effectively solve your storing dilemma safely and discretely. Each of these products has its benefits. Lock Safe case will make your Sex Doll discretely portable, while the Sofa Lock Case will save you space and give your and your visitors a comfortable place to sit. Or one more place to have fun with your Sex Doll.

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