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TPE glue solvent + Stain remover (set). 

TPE glue works almost like a solvent to help you repair small tears or cracks in the texture of your Sex Doll caused by rough use or accidents. It is super easy to use and doesn't require any technical knowledge for use. Simply applying a small amount of the special TPE glue at the damaged area to cover it, and waiting till it does its job.

Stain remover is a cream product designed to remove stains and unclean spots from the skin of your Sex Doll. Even if the stains come from food, or something more aggressive like color paint used in clothes, this stain remover cream can help you remove it without problems.

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Product detailed description

The set of a stain remover and TPE glue will give you the most convenient accessory package for maintaining your Sex Doll in good-looking shape and form, keeping its original look even after rough use.

If you plan to have fun with your Sex Doll regularly, it is possible you will accidentally cause small cuts or cracks in your new toy. Stains from clothing, food, lube or other sources can also degrade the looks of your Sex Doll.

That is why we offer you this package as these two products usually go hand in hand together when it comes to maintaining the quality of your product.


TPE glue

If you notice damage (e.g. cracked / torn skin) on your Sex Doll, it has a tendency to grow in size with use. It is best to tend to the damage as soon as possible before the damage becomes irreversible. You can do so with the special TPE glue solvent by following the steps below. The process of mending is simple and can be performed by anyone.


TPE glue instructions:

  1. Wash the damaged area of your Sex Doll with soap water to get rid of any dust or unwanted particles.

  2. Apply a small about of the TPE glue solvent onto the damaged area, specifically into the tear or crack as if to fill it with the TPE glue solvent. This is best done with a thin stick like a dull toothpick.

  3. You can use other tools based on the scale or depth of the damaged area. It is simply important to apply it thoroughly into the cut.

  4. Hold the damaged area with the applied TPE glue solvent together for at least 60 seconds to reconnect it again.

  5. You can safely put the Sex Doll dow, but keep it immobile to let the TPE glue dry and harden without affecting the shape of the damaged area.



Only use a small amount of the TPE glue solvent. If you use an excessive amount, you risk dissolving and further damaging the material around the damaged area, losing its original look. It is always safer to try to apply the TPE glue more times than to apply too much of it at once.


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Stain remover

Stain remover cream designed for cleaning your Sex Doll of any stains or colored spots offers you a reliable and effective way to return the original clean look to your Sex Doll. These stains may come from the color used in clothing but may also come from food. If the stain is there, the stain remover will make sure it doesn't stay there for long.


Instructions for using the stain remover:

  1. Rub the cream in around the stained area carefully and thoroughly.

  2. Let the stain remover take effect for at least 24 hours to achieve complete absorption.

  3. Check the area after the process. If you notice the stain hasn't been removed completely, repeat from step 1.


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