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My name is Kaira, I am an ideal lover and partner. I like sex in any shape or form, including anal. My skin is made of high-quality TPE material. I look like a human and I'm nice to the touch. Perfect Real Anime Little Sex Doll. Are we going to play together?

Detailed information

Product detailed description

My name is Kaira, I am a 135-cm-tall cute doll with long pink hair. If you love anime, you will be completely obsessed with me, not only with my huge blue eyes but also with a beautiful slender figure like an anime model, I am quite chibby and very light, so carrying me from place to place, or from position to position will be no problém for us. Come treat yourself in the fantasy, just as you immerse yourself in my tight pussy and even tighter anal. I'm an obedient little girl and I'll do anything for you…


What can I do?

I can do a lot of things, but some we can learn together. Let me show you my qualities:

  • Vaginal sex: Vaginal sex is one of those things I am always looking forward to. Especially if you finish inside. I like it deep, so there is no need for you to hold back or worry. I can take it like a big girl, you know.

  • Anal sex: Many would like to try it, though not many have. May I be your first? I can guarantee you that it will feel really good, and with me you never have to worry about an enema.
  • Flexibility: Whether you like missionary or doggy style, no position is a problem for me. Each part of my body is flexible and I can get into almost any position for you. One might even say I was made for this.

How will you know that you want me?

I like sex in any position, from behind, in front, or even 69. We can indulge in anal pleasure at any time, because I do not require an enema. My anal hole adapts very flexibly to you and gives you a solid sexual experience that you won't be able to resist. I could do it all day. When you win me over, you'll find out that there actually is someone who will fulfill your desires, whenever you feel like it. So tell me, what's your favorite position?

We can do it at your home in the shower, or even at the washing machine if you get impatient. We may do it in the car on the back seats, or find a quiet place for just the two of us. I like it really hard and deep, just as I like romantic, slow and exciting sex.

I will be happy if you make a nice bath for me after all the sex games we'll go through together, or simply make me clean and fragrant again. I wouldn't mind the pleasant Chanel or Gucci perfume, but I like to wear absolutely anything, especially for you.

Do you want me to be just yours? I'm looking forward to you!

Breathe life into your dream!

Would you like me to look a little different? Only You can create me according to your deepest desires.

All you have to do is click on CONFIGURATION in the tab above and you can see me.


What can you expect from me?

I'm absolutely realistic to the touch. My ass curls nicely when you walk around and slap me. I can just be leaning on a kitchen counter or a washing machine. I am a real young sex doll almost indistinguishable from the human body, soft to the touch, with the perfect color of human skin, all thanks to the high quality TPE material.


What can you do to me?

You can strangle me, suffocate me, really squeeze my breasts and other parts of my body, you can really beat me over my ass, but do not pull my hair. Please be gentle with it.


Don't forget the accessories:

arrow-right Ideally, you can enjoy it with the help of lubricating gels (ideally water-based).

arrow-right If you want to enjoy long and full sex and then have a much stronger orgasm, we recommend trying our natural ejaculation delay sprays.

arrow-right Do you want to have more mistresses with the same body? In that case, spare heads, spare eyes and spare wigs are a clear choice!

arrow-right If things get wild, don't forget that still I'm like a human being. I can still get hurt, cut or injured. If that happens, you don't have to worry, you can fix me right away thanks to the repair kits.

arrow-right My hygiene is as important as yours, which is why I have care tools for you that will make our hygiene very easy.

Ordering and Delivery process. What does it look like?

You can see the progress and stage of your delivery by using your unique tracking number. The whole process with all its stages is described below.

Delivery process_try2

The above delivery process applies to the popular EXPRESS Shipping. If you would like to save money, you can choose STANDARD Shipping for the product. For this option, the standard delivery time for a little sex doll is about 1 month.
* (Due to Covid-19, this delivery time may be extended. According to current experience, the delivery time ranges from one to two months.)

Will I know how to treat you?

Yes, you will. I'll bring a complete guide with me so you will know everything about me. You will learn how to treat me, but get to learn also very good tips and recommendations. You may even get me a gift if I exceed your expectations.

FAQ_red1 I recommend going through the FAQ carefully, where you will find out everything you should know about me.

And then I'll get to know you and keep you company for the years to come.


Do you want to know me to the letter?

I'm really happy to see that someone is interested me. There is a lot of interesting things you can learn about me, personal and technical. I'm sure you'll find some useful information. Take a look in the Blog | Articles section!

We recommend:





135 cm










24 cm

Upper Bust:

54 cm

Under Bust:

50 cm


48 cm


76 cm

Sleave Length:

38 cm

Leg Length:

60 cm

Foot Length:

18 cm 

Vagina Depth:

14 cm 

Anus Depth:

13 cm

Doll Weight:

21,5 kg 

Package Weight:

31 kg


Additional parameters

Category: MINI DOLLS - super realistic little sex doll
Warranty: 2 years
By looks: Younger
Height: 135 cm
Body size: Skinny
Breast size: Cup - A
Hair color: Colorful
Ethnicity: Anime
Weight: 22 kg
Material: TPE, Silicone + TPE
Gender: Female

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