Lubricating Gels & Ejaculation Delay Sprays

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Diet esthetic Excite Man Delay gel pro oddálení ejakulace 15 ml Code: DE-241
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DUREX Intense Orgasmic gel 10 ml
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DUREX Intimní masážní gel 2v1 s Aloe Vera 200 ml fin Code: DUR005
DUREX Intimní masážní gel 2v1 Ylang Ylang 200 ml fin
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DUREX Cherry gel 50 ml fin
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DUREX Naturals Hyaluro intimní gel 100 ml
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DUREX Naturals Pure Intimní gel 100 ml
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DUREX Naturals Sensitive intimní gel 100 ml
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DUREX Originals gel 50 ml fin
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DUREX Originals Silicone gel 50 ml fin
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DUREX Strawberry gel 50 ml fin
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GLIDE 4you1
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Sex dolls are great, by can get even better if you are properly equipped with the right accessories to make your experience more enjoyable. You may want a lubricating gel when having sex with your sex doll for more sensual night or probably something else to make you last longer in bed. We know that toys and accessories are a part of sexual experience and that's why we offer you everything you may want to improve your sex.


Lubricating Gels

One of the most common additions to your sexual life is probably a lubricating gel. It helps you get off better and also mitigates any risk of injury against a dry partner. It's your best friend in your sexual relationship as well as your fun with a sex doll. Lubricating gel can be used on yourself, or your partner, depending on the experience you prefer.

We offer the two most common types of lubricating gels, on water and silicone basis. The difference between water and silicone lubricants is mostly in how long they last and how easy it is to wash them off. Both can be safely used with or without condoms and make sex more comfortable. Water-based lubricant leave no stains but needs to be applied somewhat more often. Silicone lubricant contains no water so can last longer but usually needs to be washed off with soap.


Ejaculation Delay Spray

For those who seek to prolong their sexual performance, our ejaculation delay accessories are the way to go. These will help you last longer in bed and make the experience go on till you had your fun to the fullest. These may help with premature ejaculation but are mostly designed for regular ejaculation delay experience.

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