Legality od Sex Dolls

Some customers may be concerned about the legality of owning a sex doll, especially those from the mini category. Some laws are changing and some countries have forbidden ownership of sex dolls altogether, some have banned them only if they have a child-like appearance.

Our Sex Dolls are made to represent characters of age 18+ and are based on general appearance and do not represent any living person. Our dolls are meant to look feminine (or masculine for male dolls) and include various body types and skin tones, ethnicities and faces. They are not meant to promote illegal activity of child abuse or other misconduct.

As an explanation, our sex dolls fall into the sex toy category, which are allowed in almost all countries over the world. Our MINI dolls category offers smaller dolls to offer more affordable variants of our sex dolls, which are easy to store or easy to manipulate and maintain. They are not meant to represent child-like appearance and so they are legal under most countries’ legal system.

However, you should be informed that child abuse in any form can be a serious offense and you should not try to turn our sex dolls into a child-like sexual object under any circumstances. If you wish to know more about the legality of owning a sex doll in your home country, you should definitely contact your local lawyer for more information.


The legality is a little more nuanced when you ask for a doll of a specific appearance. Based on legal restrictions, you must have a consent of the person depicted on the photograph, which also means this person must be of age 18 or older, based on the legal age of maturity in your country. By ordering a doll with a custom appearance based on photo, you confirm that you have consent of the person depicted on the photograph.

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