Guarantee of Quality

When it comes to our products, we pay close attention to detail. When we think Sex Dolls, we think quality and we want to bring the best from the market to you. Our suppliers are carefully verified and go through a process of due diligence, and only those who meet our quality criteria are selected. This way, we can avoid cheap imitations and counterfeits. More about counterfeits in the article: Is quality important when buying a love doll?

With our experience in the market we have already learned which materials and suppliers can be trusted and we shaped our partnerships carefully. We also know a little about our customer, so a Free as a Gift is a part of several our products.

We believe that a satisfied customer is the center of our success.


We don't care about quantity, it's quality! 

To make sure your order meets your expectations, we perform a quality check on each order.
When your product is ready, we send it your way.


Can I keep track of what's going on?

You'll be informed about every step of the whole process from the moment of your order to the moment of successful delivery of the product. The whereabouts of your product will be always accessible to you so you'll know how the process develops and where your product currently is. Moreover, before the product is made after ordering, we will send you several documents to study. These are important and will help you in the first steps of receiving your order.



We know that quality is
very important
so we select
the highest quality pieces
from our verified suppliers.

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