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In this section you will find frequently asked questions (FAQ) on various topics about sex dolls, their maintenance and other useful information about our products:
Female Dolls, Male Dolls and Mini Dolls.

We recommend that you read the FAQ carefully before placing your order. The mentioned information will not only help you choose a product, but will tell you how to take care of it.

If you are still interested in learning more about the products before a purchase, you can find lots of other interesting topics and important information in the section Blog | Articles for anyone, whether you're planning a purchase or just browsing.

What does the delivery process (from order to delivery) look like?

You can see the progress and stage of your delivery by using your unique tracking number. The whole process with all its stages is described below.

Delivery process_try2

The above delivery process applies to the popular EXPRESS Shipping. If you would like to save money, you can choose STANDARD Shipping for the product. For this option, the standard delivery time for a sex doll is about 1 month.
* (Due to Covid-19, this delivery time may be extended. According to current experience, the delivery time ranges from one to two months.)

Where can I find instructions about handing, use or maintenance of a sex doll?

With each of your shipments, we will, of course, send you an INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL, along with a number of gifts that will definitely come in handy in the beginning!

In the manual you will find all the information you need about how to handle a Sex Doll, what can the Sex Doll do, how to take care of a Sex Doll, recommendations, and especially tips on how to keep a Sex Doll in great condition and prolong its lifespan.

file    Download

What is a lifespan of a Sex Doll ?

It all depends on how well you take care of it and how often you have fun with it. The average total lifespan ranges from 2 to 10 years, depending on the type of material you use, the amount and quality of lubricant you use, as well as the frequency of use.

Here you can see how best to take care of your Sex Doll to prolong its lifespan.

Which material to choose? TPE or silicon?

TPE - Probably performs better if you experience love through your touch. It is flexible, has soft structure and feels better than silicone. This material is also cheaper, which makes it the answer if you are looking for the affordable version of your doll. 

With affordability comes the downside in its tendency to be sticky like real skin (it's simply powdered), it has lower stain resistance (needs to be cleaned more thoroughly), and it has lower resistance to higher temperatures.

SILICONE - Silicone is the stronger twin of these two materials and has higher durability. Thanks to this, it can be used for dolls with built-in heating systems that will stay perfectly intact even after being exposed to internal or external heat for longer, and it also allows for more detailed and realistic appearance.

Technical advantages are better resistance to water, stains and heat.
The downside is the higher price, it is tougher to touch and has lower elasticity.

Both materials have very similar properties but if you are unsure about your choice, we recommend TPE material or the combination of TPE body and Silicone head combination, as it offers the best of both worlds and still keeps its affordability.

More detailed information about the materials is written in the article Which material to choose, TPE or SILICONE?

Can I have a doll made based on a photo?

Yes. We know that one of the temptations of a sex doll is the resemblance to a character or person you cannot have. For that reason, we 100% allow this option to make a sex doll based on the photograph or a different kind of your input. While we do everything that we can to make this wish come true, please, be noted that there are legal boundaries to what appearance our dolls we can take on. But if you just want a Sex Doll that looks like someone you'd like to have sex with, and that someone isn't illegal, there should be no problem whatsoever.

See the article for more details: Do you like someone you can't have?

The option to have your own Sex Doll look made based on just one photo comes at a premium, because the doll will be custom made and requires more attention and time to make properly. We recommend providing us with more photos as it means a more accurate final appearance of the sex doll. But as stated, sometimes one good photo may be just enough.

Send us a photo and we will fulfill your unique dream!

We recommend this option with TPE material.

Where can I order a doll based on a photo?  

In each main category, there is a beautiful icon depicting the creation of your own Sex Doll. For example, for the category DOLLS it looks like this:

Each major category has its own design option, whether it's MINI DOLLS, SEX DOLLS or MALE DOLLS. You can find these links just below:


Who are the manufacturers of the custom Sex Dolls based on a photo?

WM Doll, Irontech Doll and Jarilet Doll.


What is the process of ordering a Sex Doll based on a photo?

Before you buy a custom product through "Design by own photo", we recommend you contact us HERE, where it is also possible to attach photos. Based on this, we will tell you more information about the feasibility of production based on the submitted photos.
  1. Please add your photos and product note here before adding to cart:
    Product note
  2. Along with the order, write us your idea, and if not clear from the photo, describe what you are looking for in your custom doll in detail.
  3. We will assess the complexity of production according to the submitted photos. If production is of standard complexity, the price is final and we can start the process, otherwise a recalculation of price is needed and the price may change based on the extra details that need to be added to the doll. We will inform you immediately in both cases. (**)
  4. Once the request is submitted, we perform a 3D modulation of the whole doll from the submitted photos. After it is done, we will send you a proposal for approval.
  5. If all goes well, we will hand over the 3D model to the sculptor, who will create a faithful copy of your ideas from special clay. Subsequently, a unique mold will be created, which will be used to cast the doll from high quality silicone material.
  6. If the whole process takes place according to your wishes, we will start the process of creating the final product.

    We will of course inform you about each step of the whole process and ask for your approval, to see whether everything is according to your expectations. We want you to be as satisfied as possible. If you have any requirements during production, do not hesitate to write to us and we will take care of it.

    (**) Some of our customers prefer sex dolls from movies / series, anime, fantasy, but also other dream creatures. In such a case, the price will be assessed according to the complexity of the preparations for 3D modeling, but also the complexity of the sculptural activity in the creation of the mold.

    How do I clean my Sex Doll?

    You have two options - dry cleaning and wet cleaning:

    Wet cleaning is more effective. It is done by a special attachment to a shower handle (enema), combined with antibacterial soap or disinfectant. This option perfectly cleans and disinfects your Sex Doll, and your doll requires no further cleaning afterwards.

    Dry cleaning can be considered easier and faster. It can be done anywhere without the need for shower. This procedure requires more careful approach, though, since this method requires more contact in tight places. The following accessories are intended for dry cleaning: special forceps, antibacterial gel, a little water, a cloth, a sponge and napkins.

    More detailed information and we have already written in the article How to take care of your Sex Doll?

    How do I remove stains from my Sex Doll?

    There's no need to panic at all if you accidentally stain skin (for example, clothes that release color).

    We have a simple and elegant solution for you in the form of a stain remover, which takes action when you apply it onto the stained spot for several hours. The process can be repeated until the stain disappears completely. See more here.

    For that, we offer you this special Stain Remover:

    How do I repair my doll after cutting or bruising it?

    No worries. Minor abrasions and injuries can be very well removed with the help of a special glue, which works on the basis of a special solvent, which after application to a specific place will reconnect the skin smoothly. You can find the exact procedure for how to do it yourself: How to repair small abrasions?

    How can I store a Sex Doll?

    Sex Doll can be stored anywhere it fits. The only recommendations we have are to keep her from direct sunlight and to store her undressed. This preserves the natural qualities of the material of the doll and it also avoids contact with chemicals that can potentially be used in clothes' colors. If we may recommend a few ways to store the dolls, they are:

    Hook - Placing in the cabinet on a hanging hook absolutely eliminates any damage to the feet or their deformation.

    Soft pad - You can place the maiden on a soft pad, pillow or a mattress.

    Sofa - A special sofa developed specifically for Sex Dolls. It also serves as a sofa for visitors. It is already equipped with the necessary soft padding, which will ensure not only the discretion, but also its protection. The sofa can be placed only horizontally.

    Special durable box - Some Sex Dolls also have a special durable / lockable box option that is waterproof, shockproof, and soft and comfortable for the Sex Doll. The special durable box can be placed both vertically or horizontally.


    Is the shipment 100% discreet (anonymous)?

    Of course. Our company guarantees 100% discretion (more information at Discreet order) and this is one of the things we rely on.

    No one will ever know your identity or what you are ordering (more here Private Shipping & Payment).

    We deliver Sex Dolls using the FedEx / UPS / DPD / TOPTRANS service - which delivers the package to your doorstep. Of course, the courier will call you before you arrive, so you do need to state your name (which can either be real or fake). But you also have a choice to avoid the disclosure completely, by placing your order Anonymously .

    You can check the Anonymous option in your cart, which will then generate an ID code automatically when the order is completed. This the ID code will match the order number and is used to uniquely identify the customer.

    Can the vagina on a Sex Doll be removed?

    There is an option for a removable vagina for your sex doll. If you choose this option, the maintenance after sex is much easier. If you, however, prefer the realistic look, you may want a fixed vagina variant.

    • Fixed - In this case, the Sex Doll will clearly look as realistic as it can get, as well as keeping the 100% real feeling of intercourse. This variant requires more maintenance and cleaning care, but maybe you'd enjoy a bath for two after sex anyway.

    • Removable - If you choose a removable vagina variant, you'll have easier maintenance after each sex. Thanks to this option, the sex doll is a little less realistic but doesn't really affect the sexual experience.

    Fixed vagina design With vagina removal

    Can my Sex Doll stand?

    It can, but will probably require some support. Also, depending on your expectations it may require a special stand system. Foot protection, as many things, comes with both advantages and disadvantages.

    Foot protection
    This option serves to protect the feet of the Sex Doll from damage when in contact with the floor. The system impacts the looks of a Sex Doll's feet.

    Without foot protection
    The advantage of choosing a Sex Doll without foot protection is the natural appearance of your doll's feet. However, it carries increased risk of foot damage due to direct contact with the floor.

    Regardless, Dolls are not equipped with any balance systems so you will probably have to provide them with some form of support. The standing system does not guarantee stability and is mainly designed to offer protection of the Sex Doll's feet if you intend to let her stand up.

    No wall mounting With stand attachment

    How long does it take to deliver a Sex Doll?

    Each Sex Doll is made per order and is unique. The production of TPE Sex Doll takes 6-14 days, but the silicone Sex Doll needs more time, around 20-30 days.

    Shipping itself is between 14-30 days (due to COVID situation, delivery times are slightly longer).

    We send you a tracking number by e-mail as soon as the Sex Doll is made, which allows you to have an exact overview of your shipment, its location and whereabouts.

    For some Sex Dolls there is a FAST shipping option (within 10 days). But this option is more expensive. If you wish this option, CONTAC US and we will arrange it.

    Can I order the Sex Doll with cash on delivery?

    Because Sex Dolls are relatively expensive, we do offer a Pay Later option, which will allow you to pay half of the cost with cash on delivery.

    Pay later (50% now / 50% cash on delivery)
    Allows you to split the final total order amount into two 50/50 payments the following way:

    • The first 50% of the price - Payment will be made via internet banking by bank transfer from account to account.

    • The remaining 50% of the price - Payment will be made when order is delivered, by cash on delivery. It is possible to pay in cash or by card to the courier of the selected shipping service.

    Can I return a Sex Doll?

    Yes, a Sex Doll can be returned within the statutory protection period of 14 days, provided that:

    The product was unused by the customer.

    However, this does not apply to Custom Made Products (e.g. based on a photo) as the costs of the doll include designing, sculpting and other services that are non-refundable.

    Are there any additional costs like customs and taxes?

    The price on the e-shop is final and includes all additional costs for VAT, Duty and Shipping.

    All actions related to customs procedures are fully within the competence of our company. We rely on discretion, so our customers do not have to face the annoying questions of the customs office. We will arrange and handle everything to bring the package to you.

    What do I do if the shipment is damaged?

    We package our products to try our best to protect it, but sometimes it can happen. If your product arrives to you damaged, thoroughly document the packaging by taking detailed photos, then please check the product inside. If the package is damaged due to transportation, there is a possibility to make a case for reclamation as the courier is responsible for the goods they carry.

    If the product is defected and the fault is ours, we will resolve the matter immediately and ensure that it is remedied by either repairing it free of charge or sending you a new one. In this case, you are NOT to use the product until we have solved the problem and ensured a remedy.

    The number of recorded cases of damaged goods on delivery is below 2% so far, so there is little need to worry. To make sure you do not open your product worried, the Sex Dolls we select go through a so-called double check.

    More about quality and selection of suppliers can be found in the article: Quality guarantee

    Is your website secure?

    Security is one of our main core values, which is why our website is SSL Encrypted. We use a secure payment gateway and Paypal to guarantee your privacy and safety. Your card details are safe and not visible to us or anyone else. 

    Can I use a VPN when making an order?

    If you are using a VPN or Proxy to mask your IP, our security system might detect a threat and decline your transaction. We understand your privacy concerns, but a VPN usually gets flagged by most payment processes as they are often associated with scam accounts. We understand that you want to feel protected, and encourage you to make due diligence. We are trying to provide you with security from our side, but we need to protect ourselves from external risks too. VPN users are among one of those risks.




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