Gel, Solid, Hollow Breast differences


One of the most important options when it comes to customizing your sex doll its breast type. To make it easier for you, we  presented in this article  the three types to choose from when it comes to customizing your favorite doll.


Hollow breast

As the name suggests, this breast option is hollow inside and the cavity is filled with air. This makes them jiggly and squishy.  When squeezed they feel much lighter and softer compared to solid breasts.

The advantages in choosing this breast type is that they have no added cost if decide to upgrade them over other breast types. As these breasts have an empty air-filled cavity, they are much lighter and pose less risk of being torn from regular use. They are even softer and bouncier compared to other breast types. The disadvantage is that they are tougher and less perky in comparison with other breast options.



Solid breast

Standard breasts are, like the name says, solid, the cavity is filled with TPE or Silicone material, which makes them soft and bouncy. However, there are times when you will experience slight firmness and toughness when you are squeezing them. You should select this option if you're not too picky about breast feel and wish to save on upgrading them for other crucial updates.

The standard breast option will be realistic enough due to the premium TPE or silicone material used for it. Most of the time, buyers who choose solid breasts do not feel the need to upgrade them. Another advantage is that solid breasts do not have any additional cost if you want an upgrade. However, they are less soft and bouncy in comparison to other breast options. The solid breast type is also not suitable for bigger or larger breast sizes.



Gel Filled Breast (Real)

Gel breasts are the best option when it comes to realistic sex doll breasts.  They are softer than the standard breast option and more firm and perky than the hollow breast option. The gel is the perfect middle ground and most closely mimics the feel and movement of a real breast.  The gel is essentially made to behave and feel like human fat which makes it so realistic.

If you wish to experience the most realistic breast touch when squeezing the doll breasts then definitely go for this option. However, as these breasts are offered as an optional upgrade it may incur some extra fee to include these. Thus, if you want to move enjoyment level up, this upgrade option is the perfect choice for you.

Gel filled


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