Do you like someone you can't have?


Someone is simply more demanding, maybe they have better atypical ideas, or they just like someone they can't have. None of the previous wishes is a problem for us, we will help you solve it and together we will create exactly what you want!

Our customers also have a VIP opportunity to have their own sex doll look based on just one photo. However, more photos means a more accurate final appearance of the sex doll. However, even one good photo may be sufficient.

And because we want the sex doll to be realistic and of high quality, we will supply you with a sex doll from TPE material, which is currently the best on the market.

Send us a photo and we will fulfill your unique dream!

Details on how it all works are described in the section How to shop with us in the paragraph Possibility to design a sexdoll based on one photo according to your wishes.



3D Modeling and Production process

Every single product created from photography is made with the utmost care. At the very beginning of the whole process, a 3D model is created, which is then presented to the customer for approval.


If everything is in order, we can move on to the second phase. This phase involves handing over the work to a sculptor who will carefully create a clay real model of the desired appearance. Based on this, it is possible to cast a mold, which then serves to create the final product from a realistic silicone material.


The resulting cast product is inspected and any deviations are adjusted to make it perfect. The make-up artist department also serves this purpose. Here you can fine-tune all the details such as skin pigmentation, make-up, etc. Of course, this final product is also presented to the customer for approval.



For men

We all have desires and wishes. Some have a favorite actress who is nice to look at on TV, and someone has a favorite singer who will enjoy both looking and listening. In other cases, it may be the wife, friend, model or female friend with whom it can sometimes be difficult to make contact. In short, these are the people we often think of and involve in our fantasies.

Model, actress or singer. No talk or endless shopping at the mall. For all lovers of time, peace and a headless head. Faithful and always ready! In short, a partner exactly according to your ideas!

And, of course, a top solution for everyone who hates friendzone. It's a natural way to keep it enjoyable and enjoy it without compromise.

It's not science fiction, it's just a chance to hold Hermione, Princess Leia or Wonder Woman in your arms. It's not just an enticing song by Taylor Swift or Beyonce, it's about the possibility of a VIP concert and daily access to the "behind the scenes", where any star will be just yours.




For women

Ladies may appreciate having Brad Pitt, George Clooney, or another handsome man who walks the world, at home on your street, but never rang. Someone who listens and is constantly alert and ready does not have a beer callus and a mouth full of excuses. We recommend it to everyone whose spouse or lover is often on the road or even if you want to spice up your sex life by bringing in the third element.



Wondering where you can send us your assignment to make your dream come true?  

In each main category, there is a beautiful icon depicting the creation of your own sex doll. For example, for the category FEMALE DOLLS it looks like this:

Each major category has its own design option, whether it's MINI DOLLS, SEX DOLLS or MALE DOLLS. At the links below, you can indulge in this unique sex doll from certified manufacturers, especially WM Doll, Irontech Doll and Jarilet Doll. It's never been easier.



Shall we stay at the imagination?
Or do we prefer to make our dream come true?


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